"Farmers' Water Use, Energy Access, and Policy Preferences: A Survey in Three Indian States"

Original survey data from six districts across three states in India

keywords: policy, subsidy, electricity, water, farmers, political behavior, pumps, water, energy, groundwater, India, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar 

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"Pollution Lowers Support for China's Regime: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Beijing"

Original survey data from Beijing

keywords: China, pollution, authoritarian, environment, public opinion, regime support

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Replication Files

Replication files for “FDI, Poverty, and the Politics of Potable Water Access”

Economics and Politics, 30.3 (2018): 366-393

keywords: distributive effects, environment, foreign direct investment, globalization, India, inequality, integration, international political economy, Kerala, natural resources, poor, potable water, Rajasthan, regulatory capture

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